Testing the robot motion

Make sure to test in order, since there are dependencies between some things.

Test Motion in Visualization

  1. Test Kick:
    roslaunch bitbots_dynamic_kick viz.launch
    rosrun bitbots_dynamic_kick dummy_client.py

    The visualization should do a kick. It is normal, that the robot starts in init and not walkready.

  2. Test Animation:
    roslaunch bitbots_animation_server viz.launch
    rosrun bitbots_animation_server run_animation.py cheering
  3. Test Dynup:
    roslaunch bitbots_dynup viz.launch
    rosrun bitbots_dynup dummy_client.py front  # (or back)

    The visualization should show the robot doing the standup animation and the dynup.

  4. Test Walk:
    roslaunch bitbots_quintic_walk viz.launch
    roslaunch bitbots_quintic_walk viz_walk.launch
    rosrun bitbots_teleop teleop_keyboard.py

    You should be able to make the robot walk in RViz using the keyboard.

  5. Test Pathplanning:
    roslaunch bitbots_move_base pathfinding_move_base_viz.launch

    Use RViz to set a goal (click on 2D nav goal), the robot visualization should walk there.

Test Motion on Robot

Make sure, that you tested the hardware and lowlevel software first. Easiest way to do both, is to use the following script: .. code-block:: bash

rosrun bitbots_bringup check_robot.py

Alternativly, you can do it manually by following the following steps.

  1. Test Kick on Robot:
    roslaunch bitbots_dynamic_kick test.launch
    rosrun bitbots_dynamic_kick dummy_client.py
  2. Test Animation on Robot:
    roslaunch bitbots_animation_server test.launch
    rosrun bitbots_animation_server run_animation.py cheering
  3. Test Record UI:
    roslaunch bitbots_bringup motion_standalone.launch
    1. Start RQT record ui.

    2. Load and play some animations.

    3. Test other functions.

  4. Test Dynup on Robot:
    roslaunch bitbots_dynup test.launch
    rosrun bitbots_dynup dummy_client.py
  5. Test Walk on Robot:
    roslaunch bitbots_quintic_walk test.launch
    rosrun bitbots_teleop teleop_keyboard.py

    Let the robot move around in all directions and also combinations.

  6. Test Pathplanning on Robot:
    roslaunch bitbots_move_base pathfinding_move_base_test.launch

    Use RViz to set a goal, the real robot should walk there.

  7. Test Fallen:
    roslaunch bitbots_bringup motion_standalone.launch

    Lay the robot on the ground, it should stand up.

  8. Test Falling:
    roslaunch bitbots_bringup motion_standalone.launch

    Move the robot, as if it is falling, it should do a falling animation.