Testing in Simulation

Test Motion

ros2 launch wolfgang_webots_sim simulation.launch
ros2 launch bitbots_bringup motion_standalone.launch sim:=true

To control walking of the robot, teleop needs to be startet as well:

ros2 run bitbots_teleop teleop_keyboard.py

Test Imu in RViz

ros2 launch bitbots_ros_control rviz_interactive_imu.launch

Test the complete software stack in simulation

  • Start simulator_teamplayer without game controller (robot will walk in and do its thing):

    ros2 launch bitbots_bringup simulator_teamplayer.launch game_controller:=false
  • Start simulator_teamplayer with game controller (you can control the current game state):

    ros2 launch bitbots_bringup simulator_teamplayer.launch
    ros2 run humanoid_league_game_controller sim_gamestate.py